Message from our President

ChimayoChimayo Armijo

We began our journey two years ago with just five members inspired by a need on campus to address multiculturalism, diversity of majors, and different career paths in business. As one of the founding members of Phi Gamma Nu, I take pride in our professional excellence, social networking, and passion for working in the community, which have provided the platform for achieving new and greater goals:

  • In 2012, five out of seven Phi Gamma Nu brothers and sisters were accepted into the Haas School of Business.
  • So far, Over 60 percent of our members have already been offered internships this summer, working in finance, technology, accounting, marketing, and sales. Last year, over 80% of our members, including freshman, were offered summer internships throughout the country. 100% of our graduates had full-time offers after leaving Berkeley.
  • We have also commenced partnerships with other organizations on campus like the Society for Conservation Biology, Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, as well as the Berkeley Project.

This year, we will provide our first merit and need-based scholarship funds. And currently, we are working to expand our network of professionals in non-profit and healthcare, as well as our network of diversity groups on campus.

Starting this organization has been a long, yet rewarding process. In the face of challenges we stood together and persevered as one student body, one organization, one family. We are united not just by our commitment to our brothers, but by our aspirations and accomplishments made possible by Phi Gamma Nu. We continue growing as a family and finding new ways to support one another as young professionals because we believe in our ability to achieve. As they say in my Mexican culture, ¡Sí se puede! Yes, we can!


Chimayo Armijo
President, Phi Gamma Nu